Welcome To
Trinity Lutheran Church
& Childcare Ministry

We at Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC) welcome you to our website and hope it serves as a glimpse into our chruch. Please feel free to browse the site before coming in to visit. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the love of Christ. 

Due to the “social distancing” mandated by the Covid-19 Presidential Task Force, all campus worship services and activities must be cancelled for the entire month of April. Worship services will continue to be offered on our YouTube channel, “Trinity Lutheran Services.” Updates concerning the resumption of normally scheduled activities will be posted when our national emergency passes. Please be so kind to check back often. Thank you!

   Dear Father in heaven, we cry out to You on behalf of the myriad of victims suffering from Covid-19. Please let medicines be developed quickly to assist them and protect the rest of the population. Bless the doctors, nurses, and technicians who labor so tirelessly to save lives, putting their own health in danger to do so! Please let the infection rate decline! Comfort the families of those who have succumbed to the disease as only You can. O Father of all love, please have mercy on this sad and frightening world! Forgive us all for our many, many sins. And in the face of this pestilence, please turn every soul back to You that all might acknowledge You as the only Lord and Savior! We ask this in the holy Name of Jesus. Amen.